Do you want to slim down or tone up? How about adding variety to a boring, ineffective routine? Look no further; Jessica Nekuda of Smokin’ Hot Bod, LLC will have you looking and feeling your best in no time at all.
I came to Jessica one year ago looking to add strength to my flabby muscles and to lose the extra pounds I have been carrying for far too long. On my first visit Jessica evaluated my physical fitness WITHOUT passing judgment. She did this by having me perform several activities while she took detailed notes. She made sure I correctly executed each and every exercise so that I would not hurt myself. She also discussed what would benefit me in regards to my eating habits. Jessica gave me some “homework” at our first session as well.
In each of my sessions, Jessica demonstrates each exercise until I feel I can properly execute the same movements. She adds new exercises every session so I am never in an unproductive rut. Jessica documents each session with every exercise performed and makes sure I feel comfortable enough with each exercise so that I can perform the same movements on my own at home on days when we do not meet. She gives me just enough motivation to work through muscle fatigue, but she is not a drill instructor. That sort of tactic would not motivate me in the least. I have walked out of each session feeling completely spent yet completely successful. It’s a wonderful feeling!
In the past twelve months I have added more strength than I realized I would. I have lost 50 pounds of body fat and shed nearly eight clothing sizes. I am more than pleased with the progress that I have made thus far under Jessica’s outstanding training.
I would absolutely recommend Smokin’ Hot Bod to anyone who is serious about taking charge of their health. With Jessica’s personalized service and exceptionally reasonable rates what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, give her a call and look forward to having your very own Smokin’ Hot Bod!
-Stacy McElvaney

I've trained with three different male trainers before I found Jessica at Smokin' Hot Bod. As a guy, I was unsure if a female trainer would be able to motivate me as much as the male trainers did, I should have never questioned this. The workouts that Jessica puts together for me kick my butt and I leave each training session extremely wore out, but feeling like I accomplished something. My previous male trainers never pushed me that hard. There have been several workouts where I find myself still trying to catch my breath an hour later. I've lost weight, built muscle, learned countless exercises, and have become comfortable working out in a gym. All of this is very important when using a personal trainer but Jessica goes further. She tracks every workout you do including exercises, weight used, records time for certain exercises, and maintains a log of each session, something I've never seen any other trainer do. Finally, almost every training session she introduces a new exercise I never seen before, this not only keeps the workouts interesting, but helps you discover muscles and body movements you never knew about. Jessica is my trainer and I hope she becomes yours, you won't regret it!
-Chris Lauber

I have worked with numerous personal trainers in the past, and Jessica is quite possibly the best one I ever worked with. I have never had a boring training session with her. Everyday is always something new. Unlike the meathead trainers, Jessica will actually listen to you and tailor the training program to accomplish your goals. That being said, don't think that she is going to take it easy on you. I can still remember sessions where I came close to throwing up and sessions where I can't even speak because I'm so out of breath. But I thrive on this!
I have been training with Jessica for 6 months now, and my body fat percentage continues to go down each month. My friends are starting to ask me about the muscle I am putting on, and I occasionally catch myself whistling at my own reflection in the mirror. Contacting Jessica has been the best fitness decision I've ever made in my life.
-Harry Budisidharta

Recently, my mom was diagnosed with Osteopenia (the early stages of osteoporosis). The fact that she is only in her early 50’s made me think more about my own future health. Although I enjoy cardio and have done it for years, I realized that in order to have the body I wanted (and be a healthy older woman with strong muscles and bones), I would also need to do resistance training, something I had never enjoyed. I had started so many times before, on my own, only to give up a week or two into it. I realized I needed a push in the right direction, since this was not something I was looking forward to. And I knew very little about how to even do strength training properly, so I needed help there too.
Working with Jessica has helped me with all of those things! We discussed my goals, my less-than-enthusiastic attitude about strength training, my need for motivation and accountability. She answered all of my questions, and then we got started on a plan. Working out with Jessica has been so much fun, and I really look forward to our sessions! She creates a new routine for me every week, so I never get bored. She pushes me when I need pushing, and she modifies certain exercises when I need modifications (I have knee problems). She is extremely knowledgeable about form, which is something I really needed to learn. With Jessica’s help, I have learned to actually enjoy strength training! And I’m starting to see results. I really think I would have given up weeks ago, if not for Jessica’s help and motivation.
-Michelle Doane

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